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Nurseries in Barnes?

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littlerainbow21 · 21/03/2012 09:14


We are moving to near Barnes Bridge next month and I'm after a day nursery for our baby from January 2013 - she will be 13 months. I'm struggling to find any nurseries for that age in Barnes though, any ideas?? Maybe I am missing something???!

Thanks so much, any advice appreciated.

OP posts:
Desperate2012 · 22/03/2012 18:19

Hi, I live in west Putney, near Barnes. There are no full- time nurseries in Barnes Hmm.

Try Putney, Sheen, or Hammersmith depending what way you are commuting.

Hope this helps!

littlerainbow21 · 22/03/2012 18:58

Thank you! Yes, that is helpful. I'm surprised, I would have thought Barnes had a market for a full time nursery... :)

OP posts:
citymum1 · 05/11/2012 14:09

littlerainbow21, did you get around to finding a fulltime nursery for your lo? We are moving to Barnes early next year and would like to start off our toddler at a fulltime nursery pretty much right away. I've tried looking up nurseries in Barnes but the closest fulltime nursery I can find is in East Sheen. Was wondering if there are any out there which don't show up on search pages.

AbyCat · 06/11/2012 16:21

Citymum1, we're in Barnes, & the closest one I found was Working Mums in Mortlake. Friends send their little ones there & speak really highly of it. We're actually moving soon so I didn't get around to starting DS there, but it might be worth looking at as it's not that far from Barnes. Otherwise, there are a few good ones in Richmond to consider.

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