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Moving Nurseries

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DgrMse · 23/01/2012 19:31

DS 1 will be starting school in September hopefully at a school really close by. DS 2 is at nursery at same place as DS 1 at moment but that is near where we used to live. Is it really mean to move both DSs to a new nursery near where we live and near to where DS 1 will hopefully be going to school??

OP posts:
inmysparetime · 24/01/2012 07:30

Is there space for both of them? They'll probably settle fine, but nurseries are usually bursting at the seams by this time of year, given most schools have moved to single intake. You may also have issues with the NEG as I'm assuming you've already filled in the form for your existing nursery.
On the plus side, they'll benefit socially from being at a nursery near their school, as their friendship base will be more stable.

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