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Languages at nurseries

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fsmail · 13/01/2006 22:18

Do many of your nurseries teach a foreign language and if so what age and who does it?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 13/01/2006 22:19

One of the nurseries we looked at for DD taught French form 2 years. Was very expensive though. DD didn't go there!

gemmamay · 14/01/2006 21:00

hi - our nursery does it from 3 years it is run by club francais

blueshoes · 14/01/2006 23:15

Our nursery just started informal Italian lessons from 2. Just happened that one of the carers is native Italian. Just a bit of fun and variation though, nothing serious!

hotmama · 14/01/2006 23:24

The nursery dd goes to teaches French just before they go to school.

Skribble · 14/01/2006 23:32

DD started French very informaly in (state) pre school. She is in P2 and knows colours, numbers, greetings, body parts etc.

When we were in Paris she managed to say please and thankyou (age5) in the shops and one shop keeper was so impressed he wouldn't gharge her for the souviner she was buying. DS9 came from a different school but has picked it up and they have conversations about colours of things etc.

Blu · 14/01/2006 23:35

DS did French at nursery. I don't think he does at school, though.
I suspect that they need to hear it on a regular basis to make a big difference. A little every day at home or on a video or whatever.

julienetmum · 16/01/2006 23:26

Dd does French at nursery. The French teacher from the school (Madame) comes in and does La Jolie Ronde with them which is basically singing and dancing. She loves it.

serenity · 16/01/2006 23:31

Our school starts teaching Greek in Nursery, so that's 3+. It's integrated into all the usual Nursery stuff, rather than taught separately - they start doing that in reception.

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