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nurseries in teddington/twickenham/hampton-advice please.

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housearrest · 11/01/2006 18:21

Hello everyone, I would like to start my 2-and-a-half-yr old at nursery-only 2-3 mornings a week. Does anyone have any feedback on nurseries/playgroups in the teddington area (incl hampton, twickenham and surrounding)?
I've heard that playwam is excellent...was wondering if there are any you could recommend and, equally important, advise against?
I'd be very grateful for any feedback. Thanks in advanec-Happy new year!

OP posts:
cukcoo · 11/01/2006 18:55

My 9 month oild goes to Tic Toc nursery in Twickenham and they are very nice and friendly there, a homely atmosphere.

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