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Hooray - I've chucked Mums and Toddlers

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Pagan · 09/01/2006 10:09

And feel like it's a weight off my mind. DD didn't seem to be getting much out of it and would cling to me most of the time but I persevered to see if she'd come round. In the end I said sod it and it feels great!

And I never made pals despite trying my hardest, there were only about another 2 mums there, the rest were childminders or grans so had their own cliques.

OP posts:
saadia · 09/01/2006 10:51

Good for you, it wasn't doing either of you any good. I think these M&T groups are highly over-rated.

Pagan · 09/01/2006 13:50

Indeed - it was OK when it was much quieter but at the last count there were 15 adults and about 19 kids running amok. I found it as stressful as DD TBH

OP posts:
Lucycat · 09/01/2006 13:52

Good for you - why don't you try something like swimming, tumbletots type thing or something music instead, I agree that some M&T's are VERY hard work!

Flamesparrow · 09/01/2006 13:54

I did it around Christmas.... feels great doesn't it?!? I kept getting told that I didn't go regularly enough and that was why DD clung and hated it, but I didn't see the point in inflicting it on her if she was clearly miserable.

Pagan · 09/01/2006 14:16

I am going to go swimming but with DD and DS (12 months) I can't take them both in so it'll have to be turns about whilst the other is in the creche to start another thread about sports centre creches

OP posts:
Redtartanlass · 09/01/2006 14:18

Ah Pagan, good for you that you feel better!!!

bosscatsroastingonanopenfire · 09/01/2006 14:55

oh good for you, I hate mother and toddler groups. I did them all with ds1 and was miserable. I did none with ds2 and have had a blast. I enjoyed waking up and planning our day with the weather tbh. I felt tied down and hemmed in having to book classes 10 weeks in advance. I didn't find it easy to talk to the other mothers either despite being a very chatty person, lord knows why.

madmarchhare · 09/01/2006 14:56

Lucky you! DS loves it so I have to still endure it .

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