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Complaint about nursery

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pudgemagoricus · 11/11/2011 15:28

Hi there,

This is a bit of a random one... I had my child down for a place at a local nursery, which was recommended by word-of-mouth. Was very happy with visits, staff etc. They said it 'shouldn't be a problem' for them to have the required days from 16m.

Basically problems emerged just before they were due to start, when it emerged that we'd been 'dropped down' the waiting list, so couldn't have the days requested. Not a big deal, as thankfully my employer is very flexible, and could bear me working the wrong days. However when it came to the week before we were due to start settling in, they suddenly announced that although my child was 16m (which was the condition they made to them starting) they were not 'steady enough on her feet' so they couldn't accept them until 18m.

I have no problem at all with this as a policy (to be honest they had been walking for 3 months by the time the nursery saw them, and seemed pretty steady, but that's by the by), but I am unhappy that they didn't tell me this when I registered my child and ostensibly lost a substantial sum of money... Because of the 5.5 week gap in childcare I managed to get an 'emergency' place near my work. I wrote to the original nursery to inform let them know of this, and politely, to complain that they didn't give me, or explain, their terms and conditions, and to request my money back. Needless to say I haven't received it!

Any ideas on taking it further? I don't want to be vindictive, it is more about the principle that they completely ripped me off (like false advertising, in a way), aside from the stress and hassle caused.


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HoneyPablo · 12/11/2011 08:06

I would ring them and ask if they have received your letter and that you still expect a refund.
What they have done is outrageous. I have never known a nursey not accept a child because they were unsteady on their feet- surely that's discrimination? I have worked in nurseries for over 10 years and am shocked by this nursery. I have a 2 year old in my room who is not walking or talking, I am working very clodely with her parents and spend a lot of my time with her, supporting her, because she needs extra care and attention. I wonder if this is the reason the nursery won't accept your child? I think you have had a lucky escape, if they are so uncaring and money-driven.
I would ring them, and keep on ringing them every week until you get your money back.
Threaten to name and shame them if they don't refund your deposit, what they are doing is very wrong.

catsareevil · 12/11/2011 08:16

It sounds like you have had a lucky escape from that nursery. You sound like you have been very reasonable with them!

I would send them one more letter by recorded delivery requesting the deposit back, and inform them that you will make a small claims court claim if you dont receive it.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows · 12/11/2011 09:06

Wow what arseholes!

pudgemagoricus · 12/11/2011 20:31

Wow, thanks for the sympathy - I kind of expected to be told off for being so stupid not to have check if there were any t & cs - it's my first child, so I am pretty clueless!

I know they got the first letter, because I posted it through the door myself, so maybe I do have to bite the bullet and 'phone!!


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