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vouchers/ government nursery grant... can i use both at same time?

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jobnockey · 18/10/2011 21:48

Thats it really... firstly are they 2 separate things, and can i use them at same time?

(i.e workplace voucher scheme and the 15 houtrs a week grant for when your child turns 3)

i know nothing about this nursery malarkey but would like DS to start going next year if financially poss!


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inmysparetime · 19/10/2011 09:59

You can use both, the NEG gives 15 hours free childcare a week in term time from the term after DC turns 3, the childcare vouchers are a salary sacrifice scheme where the vouchers come off your pay before tax deduction, but must be used for childcare.

jobnockey · 20/10/2011 20:01

thanks inmysparetime. Every little helps!

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