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Nurseries in Highgate

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mumofoneandbump · 26/09/2011 16:38

Hi, we may be moving to the Highgate area and I wondered if anyone had any thoughts re nurseries in and around Highgate? I've heard of the Highgate Activity Nursery - does anyone know anything about it? Or any other nurseries?

Any advice/insights much appreciated x

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mumofoneandbump · 29/09/2011 21:21


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Childcare325 · 30/09/2011 11:42

Have you tried Look4Nurseries. They will help you find a nursery suitable for you in your area. try this if you a looking for Nurseries in Highgate

miamum72 · 04/10/2011 12:21


I am almost looking at Highgate instead Kentish Town...anyone out there who can help?

I will check the url above but ideally I like to hear from someone who has a direct experience.

My Son is 1 year old only.


sam2cats · 04/10/2011 13:13

My DD went to Bright Horizons on Highgate Road for a few years. She left last year to go to school. it is a small nursery and the staff were lovely. The only negative being that it doesn't have much of an outdoor space to speak of. They do compensate for this by taking the children on trips to the Heath and other trips in the local community.....I would recommend it, though I know it is not in Highgate proper.

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