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OMG i got thrown out of the playgroup xmas party this morning

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nailpolish · 16/12/2005 14:40

last week i asked twice if it was ok if i took dd2 to dd1's playgroup party (i have no choice, i have no-one who could watch dd2) and of course i would be staying too!

"oh yes thats fine" was the answer both times

so when i got there, at the sports centre, (not the playgroup), big bouncy castle, trikes etc, took all our coats off and before dd2's feet even touched the ground the playgroup manager came marching over

"you cant stay if (dd2) is staying. you will have to leave. we are not insured for children under 3"

cue my eyes filling up as everyone stares at me, i fumble about with coats again

OP posts:
nailpolish · 16/12/2005 14:40

not finished! pressed post by mistake

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hunkermunker · 16/12/2005 14:41

Oh, no! How upsetting! Was it the playgroup manager who'd said it was OK?!

nailpolish · 16/12/2005 14:41

and dd1 starts crying as i had promised her i would stay. had to wander round the shops for an hour and then i was 'allowed' back at 11am for santa and pressie-giving

other mums rallied round me though, saying manager had been out of order

so dd1 missed most of her party

OP posts:
nailpolish · 16/12/2005 14:42

assistant manager had said it was ok last week. twice.

OP posts:
doormat · 16/12/2005 14:43

np I think that is out of order especially since you asked if it was ok in the first place
your poor dd and yourself

Caligyulea · 16/12/2005 14:44

Write a letter of complaint that their communications is so poor and that you were treated so shabbily as a result of their failure to communicate effectively.

NomDePlumPudding · 16/12/2005 14:45

what a mean old baggage, np.

I'd agree with the nursery woman if you hadn't have been staying but if you were there supervising dd2, then I don't see the problem

nailpolish · 16/12/2005 14:46

but we should have been informed of this

surely i wasnt the only one

i was mortified walking back out. dd1 wouldnt stay - she doesnt like big noisy places, and refused to stay without me (she stays at playgp ok but thats a wee village hall)

and i had promised her i would stay with dd2

so i had to take her with me

wasnt worth going home so we wandered for an hour in the freezing cold

god im so pissed off

OP posts:
Kelly1978 · 16/12/2005 14:48

poor dds. The same thing happened to me last week, was told it ok to attend, turned up with pressie and everything, then was told it was ticket only. It's horrinle having to take them out again.

nailpolish · 16/12/2005 14:48

theres no way i would have expected them to look after dd2, shes only 14 months!

surely i can take responsibility of my own child

OP posts:
ParrupupumScum · 16/12/2005 14:51

How crap. So sorry that you and dd1 missed out, nailpolish. What a jobsworth tosser.

nailpolish · 16/12/2005 14:51

if anything happened to dd2 (or even dd1 for that matter) i wouldnt exactly be blaming the playgp

OP posts:
shepherdswatchedtheirflockets · 16/12/2005 15:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nailpolish · 16/12/2005 15:42

i think i might say something

thanks for all your lovely replies x

OP posts:
fireflyfairy2 · 16/12/2005 15:50

Id definitely say something!!!!!

My DD's party is next wednesday, Ill be going, and so will Ds (11months)

Id say something to them... definitely

COPPERfeelunderSantasTOP · 16/12/2005 15:56

That's terrible, NP. I used to take ds2 to all of ds1's pre-school parties etc. AFAIK the no-under-3's rule only applies to children being left in the actual care of the staff. Dd2 would obviously have been in your care, not theirs. I would definitely say something - epecially as you checked with them twice before the day.

bauble99 · 16/12/2005 17:37

They may not be insured to care for children under three. But you weren't asking them to.....

Your DD2 would have been covered under visitor insurance.

Poor you, NP. That must have been really upsetting.

MarsyChristmas · 16/12/2005 17:44

Make sure you complain to the head guy. Put it in writing, make a phone call. Don't let them get away with that. That was terrible treatment!

Dahlia · 16/12/2005 17:49

God, that's awful. I am absolutely fuming on your behalf! Poor you, I hope you feel a bit better by now. I would definitely write a strong letter of complaint.

Shimmers · 17/12/2005 00:15

How come you could go to the pressie giving with your younger child and not before? If you could go to that them surely the insurance excuse doesn't stand?

I would request a meeting with the manager (have a letter ready to give her as they must legally have it on file as a registered complaint and a verbal complaint may go unrecorded); and ask her why you were told twice that this was okay and then told to leave. It's not like you just turned up without any prior notice.

Don't let this incident spoil your holiday.

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