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Ds been bitten on the face

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RachD · 15/12/2005 14:08

Ds has been bitten on the face.
By the same child.
Has been moved into the next group up.
Am happy with that because hopefully he will benefit from being with older children.

But is this action, by the nursery, good enough.

Should I be demanding any further action ?

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jinglinggoblin · 15/12/2005 14:09

tbh i would be annoyed ds had to move and not the other child. depends on age of kids, if v small you cant do much. if older than 2 more should be done

MaryP0p1 · 15/12/2005 14:10

I am sure the nursery are as concerned as you. When a biting incident occurs I always found it very upsetting in my nursery. A reoccuring event had me put a member of staff staying with the child to help them learn the rule and prevent further incidences. Not all nurseries have the staff to do this though. For you I think your son is safe but biting is not normally person specific but an indication of communication difficulties.

RachD · 15/12/2005 14:15

Thank you both of you.
Goblin - Nursery manager did explain that she didn't want me to feel that it was ds being punished, by being moved.

But she explained that ds was nearly two, so might actually benefit from being moved up, early.

Plus the other child was much younger - more like 1 1/2 yrs old, and had bitten a number of other children, a number of times.

So I was happy with ds being the one that was moved, becasue I thought it was actually beneficial to him.

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