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eastyorksmum's nursery tips for new mums

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tribpot · 15/12/2005 09:29

Hi all,

EYM offered to write up her tips on choosing a nursery but had some problems getting the message to post, so here it is:


right i have been asenior nursery nurse nad baby room supervisor looking after babies for the past 4 years.

I just wanted to give you mums some guidelines to help to choose the right nursery to meet your childs needs.

First you need to ask the apropraite questions such as staff ratio it should be 1 to 3 in the baby room, and also you can ask if the room has any students working there onplacement.

You need to ask how feeds (bottle) will be warmed up it should always be by a bottle warmer no microwaves.

the room should be bright and cheerful and lots of room for baby to crawl around in.

you also need to ask about accidents, and how they are dealt with, their should always be an incident book.

the same with medication, you need to know how and whom will be adminstered it.

you need to ask if their is any planning you can see where it will tell you what your baby/child will be doing all day

ie gross motor skills ......large pull along toys ect

creative skilss......... collage/painting

Saftey is very important in a baby room, so you need to see where your baby will be sleeping, and also feeding ie high chairs.

you need to see where and how bottles are stored? and how they are marked for the individual baby.

Their should be some notification of allergies that the babys have in the room either notice baord ot other.

Basically i think parrents should be listened too, and all needs should be met by the individual child, communicatin is paraamount.

You also need to see some kind of report saying what your baby has done today maybe be brief but if gives you an idea.

well heres just a few points for you lovely mums i hope this helps you, Ive got to say i ran lovely baby rooms all my babies in every room also had an idividual profiles where i would should how that individual baby would be meeting his/her milestones and these i updated every month.
I worked very closely with mums and dads and supported them in every way.

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