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Nursery not keeping calpol

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bigfatgypsy · 10/09/2011 16:06

The nursery I use has told me that they are no longer able to keep their own supply of calpol and that if parents wish for some to be kept their 'just in case' they should provide their own sachets which will be logged on a monthly medicine report and kept with their child's other belongings.

The manager herself seemed a bit upset about this, as she's previously experienced a child have a fit when their temperature rose very quickly and only last week gave a child 'nursery calpol' when her temperature went up and her mum couldn't get there for over an hour.

Is this a common policy? I'll provide some sachets to keep at nursery, but what if a parent doesn't?

OP posts:
HoneyPablo · 10/09/2011 16:16

I have worked in 2 nurseries in the last 10 years and have never had a child have a febrile convulsion caused by a high temperature and both nurseries have very different policies regarding calpol.
The first, where I worked for 5 years, only gave medicine if provided by a parent and signed for, before being given and didn't give calpol to bring down a temp. If a child had a high temp, the parent was asked to collect them.

The second, where I have worked for the last 5 years, has nursery calpol and will adminster it at the first sign of a temp, then call parents to collect. I think it's not neccesary to do this (based on my experince at the first nursery).
I recall from a previous thread, that if a child is going to have a febrile convulsion, then they will, and giving calpol is a bit of a waste of time. (Willing to stand corrected, if somebody with proper knowledge comes along).

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