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Tiny 3 month old baby -

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teenytinybubba · 10/09/2011 10:04

I work in a private day nursery, and there is a baby boy due to start in the next couple of weeks, he is 3 months but as he was premature he is very small, the size of a newborn infact and a small newborn at that.

We want to protect him from all the other babies, as he is the smallest by far so we plan to erect a travel cot in the room to put him in, as well as using a sling, but we have never used a sling before, so i thought i would ask you kind mn what is the best sling, if any to use for a small newborn sized baby?

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juneau · 10/09/2011 10:10

Shock that anyone would put such a tiny baby in nursery. Poor little mite.

I used a Didymos sling for both my children. It's basically a long piece of material that you can wrap around yourself in a variety of different configurations - some suitable for newborns. It's made of a soft, stretchy material and both my boys loved it. However, you have to figure it out and practice tying it, which might be a bit of a faff for nursery workers. OTOH it will fit everyone and you can try different carry positions (baby cradled or upright), depending on what he likes. Most newborn slings seem to have the baby in a cradle position, but both my boys liked to be upright and protested when in the cradle position.

teenytinybubba · 10/09/2011 10:45

Thank you, i will take a look at those.

Yes it is sad that he is so young, however we will do our best to support him and his family, and care for him to the best of our abilities. Smile

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Northernlurker · 10/09/2011 10:57

I agree that a stretchy type sling will definately be the easiest and at least you will have other staff to help you with tying it etc. Much easier than trying to do it yourself at home alone!

some info

Have the parents said anything about his immune system? It may not be up to scratch yet and so you may want to emphaise to the other baby parents that sick children should stay at home. In an ideal world a baby that young wouldn't be in a group setting but the parents obviously need to use childcare and have made a good choice with you as you seem lovely!

teenytinybubba · 10/09/2011 11:04

They have told us that he is perfectly healthy to date, as he had such a traumatic entry to the world (2 months prem) he has no ill health from such an early start. We are quite strict when it comes to illness, although he will come into contact with children that have coughs and colds. However because he is so small we will try and keep his interactions with other children limited.

The thing is, if we use a sling then we can keep him with us and he can be part of the room instead of been left in his travel cot. I know he will be probably be asleep alot of the time, (mum says he sleeps all day and is awake all night) but we would like to include him and be with him as much as we are with the other babies.

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Northernlurker · 10/09/2011 11:15

Yes I think a sling is going to be the best thing definately. Nothing wrong with him being in the travel cot when he's asleep but when he's awake he needs to be interacting with people. When he's a little bit bigger - do you have a play nest? Galt do one and if he's in the middle it might make it a bit harder for other babies to crawl over him than it would be if he's on a play mat say!
Good luck Smile

teenytinybubba · 10/09/2011 11:21

Yes i agree, will sleep him in the cot.

Yes we have several play nests, love them. We often use them with the V shaped pillows, to make them nice and comfy.

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turningvioletviolet · 10/09/2011 18:50

My DS was 2 months premature and started nursery when he was 4 months old - this was 14 years ago, SMP only lasted until 20 weeks iirc. Really, my guilt remains to this day - but we had no choice. No local family support, no available childminders. It really doesn't help with people being judgy about what we did to the 'poor little mite'. I went back to work so that 'the poor little mite' had a home to go back to (a one bed flat at the time so we certainly weren't living in the lap of luxury). He happened to thrive at nursery and 14 years later is a happy healthy teen who was not scarred by his experience (unlike his mother who still lives with the guilt!).

Northernlurker · 10/09/2011 19:22

turningvioletviolet - I think people do forget what life was like before maternity leave of 6 months upwards! I was fortunate that I didn't need to use nursery for my girls till they were at least one - but you know there are plenty of people on here who would 'poor little mite' me for that too.
In the case of the op - the parents have obviously made a sound choice as I'm sure you did too. Don't feel guilty. You loved and cherished your son. Smile

anonandlikeit · 10/09/2011 19:32

Totally agree turningviolet.
DS2 was born at 28 weeks, I took the 3 months maternity leave that meant i was due to go back to work 3 weeks after he left hospital, I took a month unpaid leave but we were totally skint with all the extra costs etc.
It was hard enough going back to work (part time) after such a tough time & it was made all the harder when people judged me for leaving him with a childminder.
Juneau.. not everyone has the option of being a sahm the trauma of having a prem baby is hard enough without the added pressure of others opinions.

4madboys · 10/09/2011 19:33

moby wraps are good, very easy to use and not too expensive on amazon :)

i am really pleased to hear of a nursery willing to try using slings :)

teenytinybubba · 10/09/2011 22:46

Well i do know the reasons why this little boy is entering nursery, however i am not going to debate them on here, the fact is his parents have chosen us to care for him i am and my care workers will do our best to provide him, and his peers the best possible care we can offer.

4madboys its the first time i have thought to use a sling, but with a baby at such a young age that i think will thrive with good body to body contact, then why not Smile not only will it help the baby, it will keeps us hands free to care for all the other children. Multi tasking is a nursery nurse greatest skill Grin

OP posts:
4madboys · 11/09/2011 09:58

yes it is, i have 5 of my own and slings have been a godsend, the baby will really benefit from having all that contact and i hope it works well and you then go on to use slings for other babies not just the tiny one! :)

and i dont see the need for a debate as to why he is going to nursery at 'such' a young age, lots of babies do, at my ds1's nursery they took babies from 6wks, all families and their circumstances are different, we all simply do what works best for ourselves and muddle through in the end :)

HoneyPablo · 11/09/2011 10:11

I'm a bit Hmm at treating him so differently from the other babies. I understand that he is smaller and you probably feel he needs protecting but I worry that if you start off treating him differently it might be difficult to stop. Then he'll always be the tiny, cute baby that gets special treatment and that can cause all sorts of behavioural issues as he develops and gets older.

BertieBotts · 11/09/2011 10:18

Definitely a stretchy wrap. If you can't stretch to the cost of a Moby the sa-be babywear slings are basically the same and supportive, though a lot cheaper. I think they mainly sell through ebay.

If you look on google or youtube for "newborn hug hold" I found that the best way to carry DS when he was tiny :)

If you also google "Bottle nursing" there are some principles about how to gain a lot of the benefits from breastfeeding, while bottlefeeding. Fairly obvious things like making sure to always hold the baby close while feeding, but less obvious things as well like making sure that the least possible number of people feed the baby, preferably the mother only, but perhaps in a nursery only the baby's keyworker, at least for most of the time. And holding the baby more upright and the bottle horizontal so that they can control the flow more. There was an excellent article I read once but have completely lost it.

BertieBotts · 11/09/2011 10:24

If they find the sling practical Honey they might end up using it for other babies as well. I'm sure that there will be another baby along before long who is younger than this one.

teenytinybubba · 11/09/2011 10:33

We treat all the babies differently, because they all have different needs, however that doesn't mean we ignore them, or cuddle them less. We provide the best care for all the children we look after.

Yes if this sling is beneficial then i am sure we will continue it with other babies, and those in are current care.

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