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Agegroups at nursery?

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bozemum · 28/08/2011 18:58

Hi everyone, a quick question that some of you should know the answer to.
If I put ds into a private nursery at 2.5 do you know which age group he is likely to be put into? Is it most likely age 2 to 3?

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TiggyD · 28/08/2011 21:40


HoneyPablo · 29/08/2011 08:14

Probably, but it does depend on the nursery. Some mix their toddler and pre-school groups together.

inmysparetime · 29/08/2011 14:54

It will depend on several factors: space on those days in whichever room, where his friends are, whether he is toilet trained, whether he can sit still for circle time etc.

notcitrus · 29/08/2011 15:38

And how big the nursery is and how many rooms it has.
Ds's nursery has Babies (6mo to 2 years ish), Toddlers (nearly 2 - turning 4) and Preschool (the year before school). But as the 8 preschoolers only leave in Sept to go to school, this means there's a backlog of 12 toddlers waiting to get promoted and not all can be. And this spills back to the babies - when a space arises the most mature child gets promoted.
'Big Toddlers' in their second year get to do stuff in Preschool at least once a week as a treat.

It's worked out well for ds so far, but a couple other children have left as they couldn't get into the Preschool room.

Another local nursery only have two large rooms, one for up to 2.5 or so, one up to school age.
Whereas dn is at a huge nursery with about 20 rooms, but classes tend to stay together in one room from babyhood until Sept after turning 3 when they move to preschool rooms.

bozemum · 30/08/2011 14:27

Thanks for replys. Just wanted a general idea, before I start going to visit nurseries etc. Will see what they all say.

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