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Nursery & Christmas Cards

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MrsBigD · 08/12/2005 15:07

I didn't know where to post this so put it here

It's DD's first xmas at nursery. Does one give cards to all the fellow nursery kids before break up?

I was planning on doing a card and a small gift for the teachers but not sure about the kids.

Any suggestions welcome.


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MascaraOHara · 08/12/2005 15:28

This will be my dd's third Christmas at nursery and I'm still am not sure what the correct thing to do is! I'll be watching this thread though...

nailpolish · 08/12/2005 15:29

omg i hadnt even thought about dd giving out cards at her play group...

MascaraOHara · 08/12/2005 16:31

purely selfish bump

littledonkeyrach · 08/12/2005 16:40

DD1 received cards from most of her pre school last year, she was 3.

Year before at nursery she got the odd few.

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo · 08/12/2005 16:41

At my children's nursery the staff give out a list of all children and staff's first names, and put a little pillarbox in the entrance, and people can do as tthey chose. From teh number of cards my children receive, I suspect that most (but not all) families give cards to everyone. I give gifts to the staff - either a couple of big boxes of choccies to share, or something small for everyone, depending on how flush we are atthe time. Tesco are doing some decent offers on nice choccies ATM, and M&S generally do something similar the cloer you get to Xmas, so I'll be doing my staff shopping there next week.

littlechristmaself · 08/12/2005 16:43

we just put from ds inside leave enverlope clear and teachers give to each child

rarrie · 08/12/2005 17:16

My nursery does not do lists, so I just send a card to the staff, a box of chocs / biscuits / wine to the staff and a book for the other children.

MrsBigD · 11/12/2005 14:11

Thanks for your input.
Might just see who dd wants to give a card to
I do have a list of names but tbh not sure exactly who's who! That box idea sounds great and so much easier than having to dish them out by yourself might suggest that to the staff at nursery

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