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DS says he doesnt want to go to nursery

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appletiser · 14/08/2011 18:44

my 2yr old has been going to nursery for just over a yr now - its one day a week and very rarely an extra day - hes just moved to toddlers and has settled in really well... over the yr its been normal for him to cry when i take him to nursery but quite happily goes when dad takes him... once hes there he is fine - and i have watched him play quite happily - the last few weeks when it has been nursery day - he wakes up and the first thing he says is i dont want to go to nursery - and makes some reason up "i want to sleep" then pretends to sleep.....hes fine when i get him there and after i leave he stops crying and starts playing ok.. but there is a supermarket near the nursery so even when we go there he starts crying he doesnt want to go to nursery bc he thinks i am taking him there and all day yesterday all he said was i dont want to go to nursry its not nice.... ive spoken to his key worker - hes been fine up until last week when he just burst out crying for no reason when the toddlers were being seated for their snack and needed lots of cuddles but was ok again.....

i dont know what to do - i feel so guilty...a 2yr old shouldnt have to worry about things... like nursery....i keep telling him its fun - actually when i pick him up hes in a gr8 mood and tells me about the toys and fun he had - ive also posted in other threads - hes lost his appetite recently and also not sleeping well.... do u think its all related..... sorry for the extra long post...

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appletiser · 14/08/2011 18:45

o and im actaully thinking of increasing his days at nursery to get him into more of a routine...

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inmysparetime · 19/08/2011 10:05

his age is probably the key here. When kids hit the "terrible twos" stage - anything from 18 months to about 3, they gain the realisation that what they do affects how others react. He may just realise that he has the power to keep you with him for the day. Dislike of nursery usually begins when they are e.g. off sick or on holiday and realise they can have you to themselves all day. You are the love of their life, is it any wonder they want to find a way to keep you nearby?
I experience a lot of this at the day nursery where I work, parents say the child doesn't want to come but they have a great time once they're there. It does not reflect badly on the nursery, it just shows what a good bond you and your child have. Eventually he will be better able to predict that you are only away for a while and he will build strong bonds with his peers. Then you'll feel guilty all over again that he doesn't need you any more. That's half the fun of being a parent, the ability to feel guilty about everything!

HoneyPablo · 20/08/2011 10:03

I would say that one day a week is simply not enough for children to settle at nursery. Part-time children are always harder to settle than full-time. It is a good idea to increase his days.
Agree with pp that at this age children are becoming more aware. A lot of children also don't like saying goodbye. Some find it really traumatic, especially if they have a big gap between sessions.

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