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Buttons Nurseries - Hampton/Hanwell and now Teddington..

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MayMummy11 · 03/08/2011 09:02

Does anyone have experience of using Buttons Nurseries in Hampton or Hanwell? There is a new Buttons opening in Teddington next month which I am considering for dd. They held an open day last week but it was hard to judge without children in it! Plus I haven't come across anyone who uses the Hampton or Hanwell nurseries. Feedback would be appreciated - many thanks in advance.

OP posts:
jendot · 10/08/2011 17:31

I know loads of people who have had children at the Hanwell one....

It was on that prog a few years back showing some 'bad' care practices and there was some fairly shocking watching BUT I know since then that they have made massive improvements all round. All the children I know that have been there have really loved it and I haven't heard any bad things about it from the parents that have used it.

IHeartIona · 10/08/2011 17:47

I visited the Hampton one when looking for a nursery for dd who is now 3.4. Was put off by members of staff telling off a baby in baby room. While waiting tobe shown round I could hear one room clearly and it did not seem to be fun or stimulating in there. Hth

monast · 14/11/2011 13:23

I visited both the Hampton and Teddington branch recently having spoken to some friends of mine who have had children at Buttons Hampton. What I liked about them both was the homely feel (unlike the big chains - Asquith) and the staff upstairs with the Under 2's are great, they're really loving. I signed my child up straightaway and have been really pleased with the care at Buttons in Hampton since. I would have signed up with Teddington had it been nearer. Another friend of mine who has joined the Teddington branch says she is really pleased with it and it's getting busier by the day.
Hope this helps.

Lindsy101 · 14/11/2011 16:15

Hi I have a child at the Hampton branch, she is very very happy there, the baby room staff and the toddler room staff are so friendly and polite there, my daughter is well looked after and always comes back happy. The things that are on the planning board are always great and in fact very stimulating! My child is able to do things at Buttons that she could not do at home. My daughter is of 2 who have been at Buttons, my son who has now gone to school also attended Buttons, again staff are also v.nice in the preschool room, and always helping and offering advise.

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