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To move nursery.....or not to move nursery? WWYD? (Very PFB I'm afraid)

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GingaNinja · 12/07/2011 10:27

DD (2yo) has been at the same nursery since she was 7 mo, so is well settled. At the time I booked her place (Jan 2009 - 20 wks pg FFS!) the place was almost fully booked for Jan 2010, and it opened at 7am. Then the irish economy hit the skids and lots of kids were pulled out - and the nursery reduced opening hrs to a 7.15am start.

I start work at 7.30 - no ifs, buts, maybes; if I'm late I get a bollocking counselling session; 2nd time, I get a written warning on my personnel file for 12 months; 3 rd time I'm out. P45 time. The nursery is 17 mins from work; and I have not yet been late (garda traffic corps please look away). DH not an option for drop off which is a whole other issue.

Anyway, I have been idly wondering whether to look for another nursery nearer to work to reduce my reliance on luck and need for speed but as DD seems happy with 'school' then not taken this further up to now.

However; 5th long term staff member left last week (3 of her other key workers were amongst those who've left previously). A couple of new staff members have been appointed but while I have no issue with them for babysitting for an evening, I have niggles about care during a full day. One girl seems particularly clueless.

A slight warning flag also went up when I realised that the published menu displayed prominently by the door has become a work of fiction; of the 4 days she was in nursery last week, mince was involved on 3 days for lunch. The nursery only provide the lunchtime meal; breakfast, all snacks, fruit, milk, etc has to be provided by the parents so I always figured that at least I knew what else she was being provided with.

My key factor in deciding to move her or not is whether she would be massively upset by the change - anyone done it? I know if we moved (work etc or whatever) then she'd have to adapt, so I'm aware I'm just being PFB. And dithering.

OP posts:
GingaNinja · 12/07/2011 10:33

Sorry, meant to preview and edit that down before ACTUALLY posting. D'oh.

OP posts:
princesbold · 13/07/2011 15:54

I have known many many children who are able to cope with the change, it's going to happen again soon when she starts school. I don't like the sound of the circumstances you have mentioned regarding the current nursery, both of you need to be brave and find somewhere new.

Mandy21 · 14/07/2011 08:20

I moved my children to a different nursery after they'd been at 1st nursery for 8 months. The 1st nursery was only my 2nd choice, I couldn't get places at the 2nd nursery so I put them in the 1st nursery until places became available at the 2nd one (if that makes sense). Really had reservations about moving them, even though I knew the nursery I was moving them to was better imo. They didn't really bat an eyelid, they were 2yrs 8mths when I moved them and they adapted very quickly. We did have a break in between of a couple of weeks (in which we did settling in sessions) and they were absolutely fine. Children are far more robust then we give them credit for I think and if you're worried about the nursery in any event, and stressed about being late for work each day, would definitely consider moving nurseries.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell · 14/07/2011 08:27

I'd move her due to the commute and start time if your husband absolutely genuinely can't do the drop-off as opposed to just being a lazy twat irrespective of the rest of the issues. That sounds just far too stressful.

BranchingOut · 15/07/2011 08:37

I think that moving to somewhere near your place of work might be the best bet.

That slim margin of time between nursery drop-off and starting work is just too risky. Or, could you employ a childminder or similar to drop her off a bit later. I managed to find a retired nursery worker who was happy to do ad-hoc childcare.

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