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Nursery sleeping arrangements

11 replies

Novembergirl · 20/11/2005 23:07

Hi, do any mums have views on the pros and cons of separate sleeping rooms (off the main rooms or adjoining rooms) and/or cots in the main rooms. I guess it probably comes down to personal preference, but I would appreciate views.

OP posts:
BadHair · 20/11/2005 23:40

Is this for a newborn? I prefered having my dses in moses baskets next to the bed. Ds1 then had a cot in our room until he was 1, but mainly because we had a 1 bed flat so there wasn't much choice.
Ds2 was in the moses basket next to me until he was 4 months, by which time the basket was groaning under him, so he moved into a cot in his own room down the landing from us. I would have prefered to have him in our room for a bit longer but space was again an issue and a cot simply wouldn't fit in. It just meant that I got up 6 times a night to check on him, being paranoid.

starlover · 20/11/2005 23:41

it is recommended that baby sleeps in with you for the first 6 months because it reduces the risks of sids..

I liked having ds in with us because it was easier for night feeds etc...

but he was SO noisy (floppy windpipe)

he moved into his own room before 6 months though because he outgrew his crib and we couldn't fit a cot in our room

GREATauntymandy · 21/11/2005 06:51

do you mean at home or in a nursery?

tegan · 21/11/2005 07:28

at dd's nursery they have a quiet zone where everyone has to whisper in and they have huve padded dog beds for the kids to sleep in. Sounds weird but works really well. when the kids wake they can get up and play easily and carers can see them at all times.

mandymac · 21/11/2005 07:41

I am really interested in how this works at nursery too. DD starts in January when she will be 6 months. They don't have cots in the baby room, they have foam mattresses which go on the floor (babies have their own sheets), and they darken the baby room at nap times. I don't really understand how they keep the babies on there once they start crawling, but they have said that the room is fully staffed at all times, so I guess they just keep putting them back on the mattresses?! I'm hoping they know what they are doing, as I am a bit obsessive about dd's naps having struggled so much with them initially.

dinny · 21/11/2005 07:45

my experience with both nurseries my dd has been at is that (in a separate cot room) they pat them/sing them to sleep before putting them in bed/cot, so they're asleep when they put them down. when they are older and sleep on the pallet-type beds the carers still patted their backs to get them to sleep.
I was AMAZED how they could get dd to sleep - they are experts!

mandymac · 21/11/2005 07:53

They have mentioned patting to sleep. DD settles herself for naps at home, so I don't really want her getting a sleep association with patting fronn nursery - I guess I will just have to let them get on with it though.

dinny · 22/11/2005 07:44

Mandymac, that's exactly what happend with dd and she wouldn't settle well at home eventually! Gggrrrr!

Carlk · 22/11/2005 08:42

They do this at dd's nursery (Mats. on floor) and it works well as far as I can tell. I often arrive as the kids are waking from their post prandial nap. none of the kids seem to wander and as they wake they are encouraged to play quietly until they are all up.
I am amazed at how they sleep with the others running around but they all sleep right through it all

Bozza · 22/11/2005 08:53

At my kid's nursery they just have cots in the main room and the kids sleep in there. They lay muslins on top of the fitted sheets and the kids do fine. Once they graduate to the toddler room they all sleep on floor cushions after lunch. The sight of a roomful of toddlers all curled up on a cushion asleep is amazing. They do have a couple of cots in the corner because some of the younger ones can't quite manage with just one nap so may have a short morning nap in a cot.

This worked fine for DS and is fine now for 18 mo DD. And it never affected their napping/night time sleep at home. At one point I had to tell nursery to stop DD's late afternoon nap because she wouldn't go to bed but that was just the stage she was at.

mumtoone · 06/12/2005 21:34

My ds's nursery use prams or cots for the babies. The prams are put outside so the babies are dressed up in their cots and blankets. This worked fine for my ds. Once they move into the toddler room they sleep on mattresses lined up next to each other. My ds does take slightly shorter naps at nursery than at home so he gets pretty tired by the end of the week. I suspect that he wakes from his nap because of the noise of other children waking up.

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