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starting at nursery

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lindster · 15/11/2005 08:44

my ds is nearly 7 months, i plan to put him in a nursery for 2 morns a wk when he is 9 months. the problem is a friend has said this is is the worst age to do that as they are very clingy and he will not settle. She said it happenened to 2 of her friends. has anyone had any experiences of this? dont really want to put him in one yet.

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pinkandsparkly · 16/11/2005 00:35

Hi Lindster,

In my experience (have run a babyroom) the 'clingy age' varies in each child. It's true, a lot of them do suddenly become a total cling on at 9 months or there about but some are like it at 6 months, some not till much later.

I usually got an idea of how each child was likely to settle during their first visit with their parent. I also tried to find out things like whether the baby had ever been left with anyone before eg-Granny and whether they'd had much interaction with other adults and children, outside immediate family, as this can all make a difference to how a child reacts to nursery.

Couldn't work out from your post if you have to send your ds to nursery or if it's a personal choice thing, but whatever the reason, YOU know YOUR child better than anyone else. If you are still worried nearer the time, contact the nursery and ask them what their practice is for settling in new babies, this should also help to put your mind at rest as they will have lots of experience.

Hope this helps a bit,

lindster · 16/11/2005 11:10

thanks for that. I want to go back to work for 2 full days, his grandma has him for two avos a wk at the moment and id like the nursery to make up the 2 morns. youve put my mind at ease x

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