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Free funded nursery place - charges?

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surfandturf · 07/04/2011 12:03

Hi all,

Just wondered if some of you lovely people in the know might be able to shed some light on this for me please?

My DD attends nursery full time but is entitled to the government funding for a pre-school place. My question is: do they provide the place based on hours or cost?

I got my invoice this month (which is really confusing to start with and I'm not thick - honest! Blush) and as far as I can tell the nursery charge £3.80 per hour. As I understand it my DD gets 15 hours per week funded (as she goes term time only)

However, when I calculate the amounts they deduct from my bill each month (for her funded hours) it would seem that they are calculating the funded hours based on £3.64 per hour.

E.g. This month (as it's the easter holidays) she is entitled to 30 hours funded and for this they have deducted £109.20 from my bill.

According to my calculations £109.20 divided by 30 hours = £3.64.

If they calculate it based on £3.80 per hour (which is what they charge me for all her additional hours) they should have deducted £114 .00.

Am I making sense?

I know it's only a fiver but they seem to make mistakes every month (which soon adds up) and I want to be sure I'm in the right before I challenge them.

OP posts:
IThinkNot · 07/04/2011 12:21

I think you have to find out how much they can claim back from your local council per hour. I did this just to make sure the nursery weren't shafting us (they weren't Wink )

MumInBeds · 07/04/2011 12:37

Question it. The rules have been tightened and they have to give 15 hours absolutely free, not simply deducting the amount they can claim back from their charges. There may have been a misunderstanding on your part or their's so question in a friendly way but do question.

That said, this scheme is very under funded and is meaning settings are having to either opt out or go bust so it does worry me but you are entitled to the full 15 hours free.

surfandturf · 07/04/2011 15:51


I understand that they don't get the full amount back as I've just my pre-reg course for childminding and this put me off going for accredited childminding status as it seems you actually miss out - but I didn't think they were allowed to ask me to make up the shortfall! I will query it with them.

Thanks again!

OP posts:
HSMM · 08/04/2011 08:01

They should also not be deducting the funded amount from your bill. They are not allowed to do this. The bill should simply show the charges for the hours you have to pay for.

surfandturf · 08/04/2011 14:10

Really HSMM? I wasn't aware of that. Thanks!

OP posts:
IThinkNot · 08/04/2011 23:05

our nursery just emailed to say that the council have reduced what they can claim back from £4.80 ph to £3.80 ph so the nursery is increasing their hourly rate for the hours we pay for and starting to charge extra for meals. i might question this Hmm although i'm sure it's legal, just annoying.

KristinaM · 08/04/2011 23:11

Are you sure she gets 30 hours funded this month? Surely she is off for Easter ( 2days) and the royal wedding? Hmm

sammich · 10/04/2011 00:04

nurseries are not aloud to charge for the free 15 hours at all even if they get less per hour from the council from what they charge but you have to check when these hours are some only do mornings or afternoons ect and at certain times and if you send your child in when the term is on holiday you wont get any funding so you need to check this

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