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Sharing a full time nursery place at Blackshaw in Tooting

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muzlc · 05/04/2011 21:59

I have my 14-month old full time at Blackshaw nursery in Tooting. He loves it and we're really happy with it. I'm starting maternity leave with #2 in a couple of months and won't need a full time place any more- but would love to keep a day or couple of days per week to keep his links with his friends (and would like him to go back when/if I go back to work next year).

The nursery has been looking for another part timer but apparently no takers - so I'll have to give up my place completely if I can't find someone to share with (3-4 days a week). I'm completely flexi on which days and would be starting from June/July 2011.

OP posts:
Grabaspoon · 05/04/2011 22:06

Odd that you have to give up your whole place instead of just going down to a pt place. Never heard of that before.

Wask · 15/07/2011 11:27

Hi, Not sure you still looking some one to share a day or 2 with you, I am looking for 3-4 days in blackshaw nursery,
if you still looking please let me know.

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