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84p nursery charge for a free funded place

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pantspantspants · 01/04/2011 19:57

My DD 31/2 has been going to a nursery for a 5ish months, she only attends 1 day a week i.e. 10 hours max. The nursery we use allows your free hours to be used 15 hours term time only or 11 hours all year round. They also allow 1 whole day or for the hours to be split. I know we are very lucky that they allow all of this. Food is also included.

The nursery is excellent in every way and suits DD really well.

When she started we paid for her place but since january we have been given a bill but zero total. This month for April we got our bill and I nearly didn't look at it, before I put it in the bin I noticed the total was for 84P.

Last newsletter they said costs would increase 1% but I didn't think this applied as we don't pay anything. (her bill is for 3 days this month i.e. 84 pounds with her funded hours deducted)

So my question is, is this correct to charge extra for a funded place or is this a computer error that I should mention to them? If It is correct I would very happily pay any extra asked but I don't want to insult them by giving 84p for her place as they are excellent. Also the Bills are done by the manager and put in their bag but we pay her key worker when we drop her off. so key worker may not be expecting any payment from us.

OP posts:
HSMM · 01/04/2011 21:01

If you are only using your 15 free hours, with no extras, then it may be an error.

Just ask.

atworknotworking · 03/04/2011 20:17

The Flexible free entitlement is free at the point of delivery, so no top ups allowed, sounds like an error to me. Also children attending 1 day a week in our LA can only claim 6hrs of the FFE. I would ring the finance dept at your local LA to check that you are getting the correct amount of free hours, then speak to nursery.

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