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Carlton Hill Nursery Maida Vale

13 replies

mumnini · 28/03/2011 12:41

Hello, has anyone had their babies with Carlton Hill Nursery in London (LEYF)? My daughter is 13 months and we are just going through settling period, which is proven to be very hard (on me especially!).
What are your thoughts about this nursery? I was convinced by it when we visited last year, and the outstanding OFSTEAD Report reassured me, but I saw a couple of things that I don't particularly like in the baby room (the way staff speak to babies, not much fun going on, some of the staff seems a bit bored to be there)...AIBU? I know lots of mums go through this but wanted to know what other people thought about this nursery.

OP posts:
foxbasealpha · 29/03/2011 20:33

hi mumnini - very interested to read your post as I visited Carlton Hill a few weeks ago and was quite underwhelmed given that I had read the OFSTED report and it so amazingly positive (and there's such a long waiting list). I also saw a couple of things in the baby room which i didn't like. although we have a friend who has her 2nd child there currently and speaks highly of it. i am very mixed however - i want to believe everything i read in the OFSTED report, but i just didn't see that when i visited...

very keen to hear if others have experiences with this nursery...

mumnini · 31/03/2011 21:31

Well, as a friend of mine who works in education said, you have to take the OFSTED reports with a pinch of salt as everyone puts an act on when the inspectors are in, even the best places, which is understandable but I can't quite accept it.
I have spoken to other parents who take their children there and they seem to be happy, and my LO seems to be ok, cries a little when I leave (which is normal I know) but when I come to pick her up she seems always fine and quite happy. Very hard to know what exactly goes on, but I have spoken to the Deputy Manager about my concerns and if I feel my daughter is not getting the care she deserves we might look somewhere else.

OP posts:
silverpony · 04/06/2011 01:15

Hi, mumnini - my child also started at the carlton hill nursery recently. i thought that it would be fine given our friend's children went to the nursery and the ofsted report was so positive, but i had exactly the same worries and misgivings about it as yours. i don't like the way the staff talks to children, the boredom written on some of their faces and also the way my concerns are always brushed aside by the management as being OTT. settling-in procedure was all on paper, not really discussed in person. key person is hardly with the child to know what is going on. both me and my husband are at the point of looking for another nursery now. i don't think you are AIBU and am glad that someone else has seen exactly the same things as me.

eandz · 03/12/2011 20:51

So, I just took my child out of Carlton Hill.
He has SN and it's no secret. Not at all, but you know his sn's are pretty mild. The report they wrote was that of a different child it; it looks like they just looked up his dx and then attributed every single trait listed on the internet.

What they forgot to take into account is that although he was selectively mute there, he speaks perfectly fine at home. Also, (I know for a fact he cannot lie--incapable of it actually) so when the reports of everything were contradicted by my ds (3 yrs old) I knew it was time to take him out.

eandz · 03/12/2011 20:54

also, my DS hated going there every single day for 6 months, he settled instantly at his new nursery. Not a vendetta against the place, I just think it's understaffed and over subscribed.

helened · 20/12/2011 16:54

Hi there, interested in above as have registered our twins for Carlton Hill for when they turn 2 later next year...

If not Carlton Hill, can anyone recommend a good alternative nursery in the local Maida Vale area that takes 2 year olds? thanks!

tiggersreturn · 02/01/2012 15:08

We lived opposite that nursery and I went to look at it when pg with ds1. They told me the waiting list for the under 2s was 18 months! Since my mat leave was only 24 weeks I signed up but didn't put much hope on it. Instead I found a wonderful nursery in Marble Arch, Beginnings on Seymour St. When I called up they invited me to drop in anytime that morning to come and see it so reasonably unscheduled. We did and stayed for 2 hours. It was a lovely atmosphere. They gave a month free settling in which since ds1 was just under 6 months was more about getting me happy to leave him there but it was great. He stayed there until he started school and I couldn't recommend it enough.

My neighbour got her son into the carlton hill nursery (older room) and was not particularly thrilled but it was convenient.

tinazza · 10/01/2012 15:03

H, I have my 1.5ys old son at Bright Horizons on Marlborogh Hill, which is just 5mins walk from Carlton Hill nursery and we have now been offered a place at Carlton Hill nursery after 1year waiting list. I am puzzled on what to do as I am currently not happy at Bright Horizons. My elder son was at Bright Horizons for 3 years and I was happy with the staff when he was there but good people have moved so I am not conviced with the current staff.
Can anyone give me some advice if I will do the right thing if I move him to Carlton Hill nursery?!

BlackSwan · 14/02/2012 17:21

Anyone got a view on Carlton Hill at the moment? What's the general vibe?

Lili32 · 19/02/2012 16:25

Hello, i do agree with a previous's understaffed and over subscribed.
i don't think that the management realised how tired the staff look . the nappies are changes around 10 in the morning, but i don't think that they have always the time to change a baby if he soiled his nappy in the mean time..
a lot of stairs.. never the less, the ladies are nice.
i would love to have other comment of mums

notthisee · 23/02/2012 21:30

I may be totally wrong on this but I think this nursery may feature in a Channel 4 documentary called "Daddy Daycare" which was on last night (Wed 22 Feb) on 4oD

If it's the right one it may be interesting to take a look to see what's it's like...

Ems347 · 11/08/2014 17:04

It's ridiculous was people say about the nursery. It's a great nursery, my son has been there from 6 months and is now 4. There are loads of positives about the nursery and speaking to the other mums there everyone seems very happy with it.
I think you can always say a negative about any nursery - utter nonsense.

Ems347 · 11/08/2014 17:06

It's ridiculous what people say about the nursery. It's a great nursery, my son has been there from 6 months and is now 4. There are loads of positives about the nursery and speaking to the other mums there everyone seems very happy with it.
I think you can always say a negative about any nursery - utter nonsense.

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