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Issues with Nursery - is the Nursery Nurse in me being too picky?

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pinkprincess1206 · 23/03/2011 09:58

I searched for ages to find this Nursery and my DS has been really happy here.
Generally I have been happy with it and I really like the staff.
Just recently there has been a lot of changes in staff and there are other things which are really bugging me.

  1. staffing- there never seems to be enough. (i know about ratios and at time these are not being met)
  2. They have started having the babies (under 1s) pre tods(up to 2) and ds age 2-3 all in the sma eroom for breakfast. This is absolute chaos and i really feel for the staff. The babies are always crying and when this happens the ratios seem to go out the window.

It wa sooo bad today that i stayed for 40 mins as there was no staff member to walk me out and they were short staffed i the room.

The other thing which really ps*d me off is this..... my ds is having trouble with pooing at the moment and when i collected him the other day he was completely naked in the room- with all the other children around. He had had an accident and was being vcleaned up-but this was infront of the room staff and all the kids... not to mention that any parent could have walked in too... ( he is getting reallly upset about the pooing accidnets as well and i think changing i
him infront of everyone only made this worse!)
am i totally over reacting to this or would you be annoyed too...

I spoke tothe staff in the room about these issues and i dont want to gte them into any trouble but i know they agree with me.. it seems to be management that dont listen!....
I am going to speak to the director today but know i will get upset. i like the staff and dont want to move my son, but equally im a firm believer that if you dont say anything nothing will change?

what do you think???
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RitaMorgan · 23/03/2011 10:18

It all sounds like a staffing problem to me - I would be very upset about all those things. The management is cutting corners and both the staff and children are suffering! The nursery my ds attends has extra "floating" staff members to ensure that ratios are always met and that there is extra help at mealtimes etc.

I would want a meeting with the manager asap to find out if they acknowledge the problem and how they are going to fix it. If they aren't helpful I would speak to Ofsted about ratios.

SnapFrakkleAndPop · 23/03/2011 10:27

I would take it up with management and say you have concerns about X, Y and Z. Go in with these things written on a piece of paper, be firm and assertive (you are in the right and you know it) and tell them what you expect to be done about it within a reasonable timescale.

It sounds like the staff are doing their best with the resources they have but it's just not enough.

mummysweeangel1 · 23/03/2011 10:50

Think your just being a normal and verysensible mother- and quite riight to feel the way you do about these issues- i imagine you will be paying good money for this service.

Definetly raise the concerns as soon as possible, get to the bottom of it and hopefully get it all sorted out as quickly as you can. If you dont say your peace things may get worse etc.

Feel sorry for the staff if they are having to stretch themselves - management should be taking care of their staff and making sure they have the support/resources to allow them to do their jobs more effectively.

Good luck

dribbleface · 23/03/2011 16:44

Nope your not being too picky at all. As a nursery manager i would agree that it is a management issue and i would feel sorry for the staff. Really not appropriate to have under 1's in with older ones for breakfast, guessing its to cut down on staff?

Have a meeting, and as others have said be firm and to the point. If you do get upset the director shuold understand that this is your child your discussing. I have had to raise an issue as a parent in my son's room and I cried, but thats the mum in me!

griphook · 25/03/2011 20:15

don't think you are being too picky either, I was a nursery manager until recently and you could of been discribing my nursery which is why I have left. The ratio's were always being squezed to the point that it was dangerous, all the children lumped in one room together as there weren't enough staff to go into different rooms until the next shift started. when I approached the director I was told to be creative!. I think you should speak to the director and try to make it clear that you don't blame to staff as they are not in control but that you blame them. if that doesn't work think about making a complaint to OFSTED as if ratios are compromised then the children's safety is at risk particulary the babies as if there is a fire they can't walk out. good luck

Pancakeflipper · 25/03/2011 20:19

I don't think this is picky. Sounds like the nursery manager and deputy need to get a grip.

I would write a letter not of complaint but of your concerns if your meeting has not filled you with confidence. And be looking at alternatives. It's horrible isn't it when you lose trust?

pinkprincess1206 · 29/03/2011 21:52

Hi, just thought i'd update you- I went in to see the director and made it very clear that i was not complaining about the staff- more her managment. To cut a long story short and in fairness to the director she noted all my concerns and suggestions and when i went in yesterday... they have implemented all the changes! hope it stays this way now.

thanks for you advice xxx

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