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Help choosing nursery - Bearsden or Glasgow City Centre

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princessleah0605 · 02/03/2011 18:36

My DD is only 5 months old but i am due back to work full time Sad in October and i need to get the ball rolling to sort out childcare for her but cant decide if its better getting a nursery near home (bearsden) or one close to work (i work in glasgow city centre).

Does anyone have any experiences of using nurseries in either of these areas?

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ageinghipsterchick · 02/03/2011 18:49

My DS is at Clarence House in Hotspur Street. Its such a personal choice really but a couple of folk from bearsden/milngavie way use it as it's a handy midway point! It's homey rather than flash,really great staff, lots of outdoor activities, veggie friendly etc. DS went in at 9 months to the baby room, leaves for school in July. Have never regretted choice, but as I said - it's a personal thing.

princessleah0605 · 02/03/2011 19:00

one of my neighbours used Clarence House and spoke highly of it - will definetly check this one out. Many thanks ageinghipsterchick

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lovethebaglovetheshoes · 03/03/2011 15:46

Adelaides on Bath Street is meant to be lovely- quite a few work collegues have used/and are using this one for their children and i hear them speak very highly about it.

Although city centre nurseries do tend to charge a higher rate purely because of location.

Theres was also another city centre one called The Four Seasons? They have a branch in Cadogan street that my SIL used for years for both her children saying that, this was 8 years ago ago but she found it good i am sure they now have at least 3 or 4 branches within the city centre ?

giraffesisonadiet · 03/03/2011 15:49

Perhaps depends on timings - if you work city centre then could pick up earlier from work as it would be before journey home.

Also if you want to do daily journey with dd in car/train at rush hour?

MoragG · 11/03/2011 16:07

DD is just about to start at Four Seasons Spectrum which is in Waterloo Street, so I will try and remember to come back in a few weeks and tell you how it is going! I would agree that you pay a premium for a city centre location. The other Four Seasons nurseries are in Cadogan St and at Skypark (Finnieston).

princessleah0605 · 12/03/2011 08:04

just remembered to check this again Blush

thanks everyone for your replies

hoping to go see adelaides & clarence house next week :)

four seasons is a no no my partners niece is an ex employee and doesnt speak fondly of it in any way so thats really put me off that one

partners mum has offered to look after DD half the week so this is excellent news for us as i was really dreading having to leave her in a nursery full time (and dreading going back to work full time)

away to dry my tears lol

thanks again for the replies

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