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19mth started nursery playing up at home

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fapl · 15/02/2011 10:49

Hello, my 19 month old started nursery one month ago, 2 days per week, he has settled well at nursery (he cries when I drop him off but settles quickly and really looks like he is enjoying himself when I pick him up).

He is being a little terror at home, really pushing boundaries and testing us. He has never been one for tantrums but they have been coming out in full force. It took us over half an hour to get down the stairs in our house this morning because he would not walk and wanted to be carried (he has been doing stairs since 9 months but has been getting really lazy recently and wants to be carried everywhere, not just on the stairs). He seems to be refusing to do everything he is capable of doing, and wanting to do everything he shouldn't be doing.

He is an angel at nursery apparently. Is it coincidence that he has recently started nursery and is behaving this way at home? Is it the terrible twos arrived early?

From a sad worn out mummy.

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