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decent Nurseries in CARDIFF??

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mamaLou13 · 22/01/2011 12:13

Hi all.
I am looking to find a good nursery in Cardiff. I will be going to Glamorgan uni in sept but i am not sure if i will like the playcentre there so id like to keep my options open with regards to other nurseries?
will be grateful for any advice given

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cangaroo · 24/01/2011 22:16

My DS (10 months) has just started at Acorns Nursery at Park Place in the town centre. We are happy with it. Really nice facilities, seems as though there is a stable team. They are really welcoming, and there is an open door policy. I also liked that we could have as many settling in sessions as we wanted. Nothing bad to say about it apart from a bit more expensive than some others.

idrilis · 24/01/2011 23:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cangaroo · 25/01/2011 11:05

Yes, I thought the little angels one was horrible as well.

mamaLou13 · 26/01/2011 22:07

Thanks very much. Really helpful :)

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