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Is one morning a week enough to settle?

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Fourleaf · 16/01/2011 16:20

Title says it all really - DS is starting at nursery one morning a week, but I am worried it won't be enough for him to get used to it (he is 14 months)? Any thoughts/experiences gratefully received thanks!

OP posts:
coccyx · 16/01/2011 16:55

I think 2 would be better, hope it goes well

BertieBotts · 16/01/2011 17:03

DS did similar at a creche and was fine, despite having bad separation anxiety when he started, but for the first few weeks someone he knew was able to go with him until he knew the environment, so if that isn't possible 2 mornings might be better.

Josie18 · 05/02/2011 19:16

1 morning a week can be very difficult for a chid of this age. It is a very long time from morning to morning,and is like settling a fresh each time. 2 mornings in the short term would be better until the child is settled.

Luali · 18/02/2011 10:19

I would agree that although some children cope ok it can be difficult to form attachments with a key person/ relationships with other children when only attending one morning a week. 2 mornings would be better if you can afford to do it

SarahBumBarer · 24/02/2011 20:21

No personal experience but at least 3 of the nurseries I looked at for DS (all ones I liked) have a 2 morning minimum policy. It may be an admin thing but they stated (and I could understand their logic) that this was the minimum required for the child to settle. A couple made the point that if you take a one week holiday that (for a lo) is quite a long gap in a routine that is not very well established anyway.

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