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Twickenham nurseries

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princesspino · 07/01/2011 12:54


I'm trying to decide on a nursery fir my son in twickenham for 2 half days a week to give me a break when I have my next bAby. I have been very impressed by tic toc and surprised by Teddies at the station - really nice but very pricey. HusbZnd likes monkey puzzle ! Anyone use or have experience of any of these? Particularly recent experience?



OP posts:
notnearlyasblondasiwas · 07/01/2011 13:15

I had to use Teddies Twickenham for 6 weeks after their branch in Brentford flooded in September of last year. I was very, very unhappy with the care that my daughter received whilst she was there. Some of the things bothered me were:

  1. The children rarely went outside, even though it was Sep/Oct and the weather was wonderful.

  1. Often I would go to pick my daughter up and nearly all the children would be wandering around without their trousers, just in their nappies after being changed. So I would have to hunt around for my daughters clothes and dress her to take her home.

  1. They had a couple of babies there of around 5/6 months, whenever I saw the babies being fed, they were always proped in a bouncy chair and were given their bottles without cuddles - just seemed wrong to be and

  1. My daughter had an accident where she ended up with a huge black eye (to the point where it was swollen shut for 3 days) and they couldn't tell me how it happened, and said that she probably did it to herself in the cot.

  1. The baby room staff could never tell me what my daughter had eaten or slept that day or what activities she had been doing. It was very disorganised.

The black eye was the last straw for me, I found another nursery and I removed her immediately. Her new nursery has really made me realise how poor the care was at Teddies.

I did raise the above points with the management, but I felt completely fobbed off and I think they felt like they were doing me a favour by taking my daughter whilst their sister branch was closed.

I appreciate you are probably looking at the toddler room or above for your child, but I thought you would like to hear of my experience.
princesspino · 07/01/2011 19:31

Thanks for the info. Which nursery did you put your daughter into after Teddies? Were you happy with it

OP posts:
notnearlyasblondasiwas · 09/01/2011 07:21

I am using cybetots in Ealing as we have just moved house. I am really happy, the staff are amazing and my dd loves it. When I drop her off in the mornings she is trying to climb out of the buggy to start playing. Although dd is only 15 months they do baking (well squishing dough) painting and loads of seasonal activities, much more than I thought a child of her age could do itswim. It is clear that the staff love what they do. Hope that helps, probably not really as I am in a completely different area to you now!

Ktay · 09/01/2011 13:26

Not on your list but DD is at Bright Beginnings and we're happy with it. PM me if you'd like more info.

rainbowmagic · 11/01/2011 14:15

We have used this nursery for many years and i cant fault it. The staff are simply adorable and so caring to the children. We have many friends who have used it in the past and again great comments.

Staff are there for all the right reasons and are very dedicated their parental liaison is fabulous.
We would certainly reccomend as we have no issues but good luck in your search.

rainbowmagic · 11/01/2011 14:39

Just read message and i didnt say i was talking about Teddies being so good sorry if confused.

There are 3 rooms and we have always had such fun happy times. We will be sad to move on when the time comes.

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