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How to label clothes/toys for nursery? Sorry, am clueless!!

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arabella36 · 06/01/2011 13:28

I've been advised on another thread to label dummies, toys etc (as well as clothes). What do you use to label these things? I mean I suppose its unsafe to use permanent marker on a dummy in case the baby scrapes it off with their teeth?

Can you recommend where to get easy to use labels for clothing? I'm a COMPLETE beginner at all thisConfused

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OP posts:
lifeinagoldfishbowl · 06/01/2011 13:36

When I worked at a nursery as a room leader - I was more than happy with initials on the labels of clothing in permanant marker, although some parents brought stickers.

No need to label dummies but it eaier to use stickers on bottles etc. With dummies maybe just choose a certain colour or pifture on them so they are eay enough to recognise for staff although the staff soon learn whose is whose or may put on their own labels - usually the childs name printed and laminated with a plastic band tied round the name and object.


Elk · 06/01/2011 13:40

a search on google will bring up lots of different companies.
You can get stick on labels for dummies/toys/luchboxes and shoes.
Clothes use iron-on or sewing ones.

dribbleface · 06/01/2011 15:26
arabella36 · 06/01/2011 19:20

Have just ordered labels from the company suggested by dribbleface - thanks all!

OP posts:
sammich · 06/01/2011 20:37 this company is where i send a lot of parents as they do a whole range for different things and different styles as well so you child can recognise the symbol ect and then there name :)

As long as you put the name on the item (most things come with a tag) and try and keep the same items for nursery the staff with recognise them as belonging to that one child but lables and names are always recomended

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