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Clothes at nursery.....

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jaabaar · 27/12/2010 08:12


Sorry for a very silly question.....

What are the most comfy/best suitable clothes to wear for going to nursery in winter??

Legging sets, Dresses with tights, Jeans and tops?


OP posts:
FairyTaleOfNewYork · 27/12/2010 08:18

i'd say jeans/joggers, with t-shirt and cardy/jumper over the top

KenDoddsDadsDogEatsTinsel · 27/12/2010 08:23

My DDs nursery has heated floors so the kids can get really warm. I layer her up and she is mostly comfortable in leggings/ joggers. Then take her layers off before she goes in.
The children go into their garden most days so I always leave the rest of the clothes there.

jaabaar · 27/12/2010 08:37

Thank you for your reply. You wear Leggings, Tshirt, Cardigan AND winter jacket?

KenDoddsDadsDogEatsTinsel (long and funny name :)
By layers do you mean e.g. Tshirt, Cardi and Jacket?

thanks again....

OP posts:
FairyTaleOfNewYork · 27/12/2010 08:39

the girls nursery had free access to outside, so although heated, with doors opening and closing all the time, i put cardys on them. they wore jackets over the top when outside.

KenDoddsDadsDogEatsTinsel · 27/12/2010 10:06

Yes she wears a vest, tshirt, cardy and coat. Then I leave her in just her vest, tshirt and bottoms. Also I make sure the nursery have some spare clothes just in case. (DD is one so gets messy!)

littleducks · 27/12/2010 10:18

I have a son but he wears joggers, vest, long sleeved t shirt and then nursery sweatshirt

He has a coat for outside and in this weather, hat and glooves too, he was def outside alot as all th kids had red cheeks from the cold wind but i didnt realy feel i could send him with a balaclava

when dd was at preschol i sent her in similar stuff, she had dresses for summer but trackie bottom/joggers in winter. I avoid jeans as they stay wet for ages

TiggyD · 27/12/2010 16:32

As a nursery worker I would say that cheap joggers/leggings, T shirt, easy to pull on jumper, Velcro shoes and zip coat. Hat, wellies for the garden and gloves if they can do it themselves.

I want to strangle parents who send their children in wearing things that "Can't get messy", dungarees under a jumper, shoes with laces or shirt with cuff buttons that won't pull up at the sleeves.

purepurple · 27/12/2010 16:37

Agree with tiggy. Whatever you do, don't send her in Ugg boots or hunter wellies and then complain when your child gets covered in paint/glue/snow/playdough/water/papermache (especially if you haven't paid your nursery fees for a month)

TiggyD · 27/12/2010 16:41

Crocs should never be worn by anyone at any time. Ever.

orangepoo · 27/12/2010 16:48

Jogging bottoms, short sleeved t shirt and sweatshirt style jumper. Practical sturdy velro shoes.

Everything must be easy to wash.

When DS was at nursery, this was the (optional) uniform. All sturdy stuff and in an entire year, not a single item was ruined.

SmokinSanta · 27/12/2010 17:04

My DS's nursery is insanely warm in the winter. Thus he wears joggers/jeans with a thin vest and a long sleeved t-shirt. He goes in with a thick winter coat, and a zip up jumper and spare socks if he is to go outside. But he doesnt need nearly as many clothes there as he even does in our house.

SmokinSanta · 27/12/2010 17:04

and I often say to the Nannies that if he is hot to remove his vest, which they often do.

jaabaar · 28/12/2010 10:52

Thanks so very much for the advise! I am sure that nursery carers also appreciate when babies/kids wear easy to handle clothes! Didnt think of that, sure will now :)

Will prob just dress her in:
short sleeved vest
Long sleeved tshirt
socks or tights?????
and easy shoes

thanks !

OP posts:
theDudesmummy · 04/01/2011 15:55

I dress my DS in tights (yes, even though he is a boy), moccasins, long sleeved vest, joggers; then over that jersey and jacket, which are taken off when he arrives.

Rockbird · 04/01/2011 15:57

DD goes in joggers or leggings (tights under if really cold although the nursery is always warm), vest, long sleeved t shirt and jumper. All very simple and she can handle most of it herself.

Pancakeflipper · 04/01/2011 16:00

Easy clothes and ones you don't mind getting covered in red paint.

There's a beautiful little girl in my son's nursery whom the staff read a story to when the other kids do water or painting activities as her mother gets annoyed at dirty clothing.

BornToFolk · 04/01/2011 16:04

Trousers that he can pull up and down himself (just toilet trained...), vest, long-sleeved t-shirt. Nursery is really warm so DS gets too hot in a jumper or sweatshirt. He doesn't have special clothes for nursery but I wouldn't send him in anything that I'd mind getting covered in paint/tomato soup/mud etc.

We walk and bus to nursery so he's always got suitable outdoor wear too.

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