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Our nursery is being closed - do we have any rights?

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HalfFrench · 30/11/2010 11:06

To my great sadness, frustration and anger I have just found out that our lovely nursery is going to be closed. It is based in a Surestart Centre but due to cuts in the local borough and the need for more reception class places the nursery will no longer be provided in the centre.

We the parents feel like we have been completly cut loose by the LA with no information, no idea of notice period and seemingly no plan or options for getting our children into other nurseries. It seems we have no rights as this is not a statutory provision. Obviously this causing a great deal of stress as we all work and need childcare provision.

So can anyone tell me, do we have any rights at all in this type of situation? I am aware that many Surestart centres accross the country are likely to be under threat but can a service like this be withdrawn, seemingly without notice and without alternative provision, and we don't have any recourse or influence?

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Simbacatlives · 30/11/2010 11:14

You can ask the LA to put it out to tender to a private provider.

If it is viable there will be interested- if not then its not a going concern. The issue is usually the tuped staff who are on better terms and conditions than PVI providers.

many sure start daycare will close because the LA has been subsidising the childcare in them- and that would be seen as unfair. They would have to equally sunsidise all PVI and schools by teh same amount and that would be unaffordable.

talking · 10/12/2010 20:37

Go to your local press, write to your MP and to Sarah Teather, Minister for Families.


MobyDick · 17/12/2010 19:27

yes that is what we are doing in Camden, where the council is proposing to close all play centres and reduce nursery provision. The DayCare Trust is massively concerned about cuts to childcare and will be helping parents campaign in the new year - they are producing campaign materials, so get in contact with them if you want to campaign.

Check out our campaign in Camden and read the Observer on Sunday, I hear there will be an article.

This is definitely worth fighting for!

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