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Enfield Nursery recommendation

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Leximae · 21/11/2010 16:52

Can anyone tell me of a good nursery in Enfield, we've just moved to the area.

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stilletoe · 25/11/2010 16:37

Goldstar montessori on Baker Street in Enfield. tel: 0208 364 6876.

Can't speak highly enough about it, definately worth you going to view it along with any others so you can compare.

Leximae · 26/11/2010 08:34

Thanks for that Stilletoe, is it the one where two sisters run it? because my neighbour told me of one that she has heard of that has an outstanding reputation on Baker Street, but she cant remember the name just that two sisters run it and one of them is on site all the time,which to me makes all the difference.
Does your child go their?

OP posts:
stilletoe · 26/11/2010 16:58

Yes that's right, Jackie who is hands on in the nursery and Danniella who is upstairs mostly in the office.

My lo has been going there since age 1. Everything they do with the babies and toddlers is transparent in that you get a sheet of what they have eaten and how much, how many times they have been to the loo, what they learnt that day and what play activities they did. You almost feel like you were there with them.

Do go and have a look, i would be surprized if you are disappointed.

Leximae · 27/11/2010 22:55

Thanx for that,the nursery sounds excellent i will give them a ring on Monday

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