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Picking up time

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Matsikula · 19/11/2010 10:53

Our son (aged 1) seems to be settling into nursery fairly well, but gets does start to get upset when other parents start picking their children up.

Most days, I think we'll be some of the latest parents to pick up, but on other days, my mother-in-law or husband will probably be able to pick him up a good couple of hours early.

I think that if we have the chance to take him home early, we should, but has anyone else found that being consistent with a pick-up time helps with settling in?

OP posts:
nonanny · 19/11/2010 11:02

I think you should do what you feel suits your son. This isn't school yet so you can decide. I think similar drop-off time does help with settling in. You'll know when he's happy when he doesn't want to come home early. Sometimes he might miss something he is getting to like so keep talking with the key worker about the activities he is enjoying. In our nursery there is always something nice at the end of the day for those left till last pick up.

cookielove · 20/11/2010 15:43

Depends on your child, and earlier pick up on his first few days, so he leaves happy and not tried and grumpy will better for him. However once he is settled, it probably won't matter in the long run, most children who are left later, enjoy an early pick up, those who are picked up early either get upset the later they are left, or don't bat an eye lid.

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