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chnage of routine for one day a week at nursery

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thedudesmummy · 11/10/2010 12:27

Hi, I wonder if anyone has any advice,

My 16 mo DS is starting one day a week at nursery from next month. The rest of the week he is looked after at home by my DH and a nanny, as he has been all the time up to now. We went for a tour around the nursery last week and they explained that they give the children lunch at about 11.30 or 12 and then put them down for a nap.

Now my DS is used to a bottle of milk at 11.30, followed by a nap to about 1.30, then lunch. He works well with this routine. Obviously the nursery day is going to be a bit different (although they did agree to give him some milk before the nap, basically I explained that without the milk he will not nap, no two ways about it). Should we be trying to change his every day routine, which he is used to and happy with, to suit the one day a week he goes to nursery, or will he just learn that that day is a little different to the others (which it will be anyway)?


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DreamTeamGirl · 14/10/2010 18:26

I would just leave it that nursery day is different

What you do works well at home, so dont mess with it
Dont expect him to sleep whne first at nursery tho!! They are usually too excited and nosy IME

Karoleann · 14/10/2010 18:35

DS2 naps at 1.30pm at home and 12.15 (after lunch) at nursery - he's fine with that.

Hope he has a fun time x

purepurple · 14/10/2010 18:57

Just ask if he can have his milk at 11.30 when the others are having their lunch, and for your DS to have his lunch when he has had his sleep.
Most nurserties will be fine with this.

thedudesmummy · 15/10/2010 10:31

Thnaks very much for the replies, very helpful. The nursery have said they will be happy to give him his milk around that time, I know that he won't eat at that time (at least not in the beginning) anyway, and you are right, he will probably too excited at nursery to concentrate on sleeping (or eating much) anyway! I will be hoping for a big appetite when I get him home that evening! (which would be great as he is a very small and picky eater!)

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