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Can someone explain childcare vouchers from employer to me?

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eeky · 30/09/2010 15:59

I'm a bit confused about how they work. As far as I can see, you get them from your employer as a pre-tax salary sacifice, so the amount the voucher is for you save on paying tax (and NI?). How much can I claim as maximum per month? I'm a 40% tax payer, sadly.

My employer uses Sodexo vouchers - anyone have experience of them?

OP posts:
Balsam · 30/09/2010 16:57

I think it's £55 a week maximum - works out to about £243 a month...?

DH's employer use Sodexo - no problems with them so far, they seem to know what they're doing.

Shoshe · 30/09/2010 17:14

Sodexo are great, although I do ask my Parents to keep a months vouchers in hand, so keep Septembers to pay me in October with, because by the time you have been paid and released them and they have hit my bank it can be 3/4 days, and my mortgage comes out on the 1st Grin

( I am a CM btw. )

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