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Nursery advice Saffron Walden - South Cambridge

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Hoiho100 · 26/08/2010 20:40

Hi all,
I'm obviously very naiive(!) and didn't realise that (a) many nurseries don't accept children under 2yrs and (b) that most that do have massive waiting lists.Blush
I (sadly) have to return to work when my daughter is 9/10months. Can anyone suggest nurseries that can care for babies under 1yrs in the Saffron Walden area? I work near Sawston so villages heading from SW towards Cambridge are suitable as well!
many thanks for any and all help Smile

OP posts:
EColi · 26/08/2010 21:17

There's the Crocus nursery based at SW County high school.
And there's Ashdon house of children if that's in the right direction.

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