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Anyone out there who hasn't put their DC in nursery until after the age of 3?

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Deaby · 02/08/2010 21:44

Hi There All, Just want to know if there is anyone out there who has NOT put their DC in nursery before 3 years old?

I am very lucky in that I have a mother in law who looks after DD (Now 2 years old) whilst I work part time and husband works full time. We are all happy with this set up, MIL does a fab job looking after DD. The only concern is that DD is missing out on playing with other children and hence we are thinking of putting her in nursery just for the social aspect. Also we would be spending alot of money on childcare, when we already have a more than capable grandma who provides loving childcare for free!!!

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activate · 02/08/2010 21:45

never did with any of mine - they just went to the free school nursery when they were old enough if available

ChasingSquirrels · 02/08/2010 21:46

mine both went to pre-school for a couple of 2.5h sessions from about 2.9y. Before that they were with my mum, and 1 day a week with a CM.

At the moment pre-school is funded for 15 hours a week from the term after they are 3yo, this might be something to consider.

notnowbernard · 02/08/2010 21:46

DD2 was just 3 when she started (similar circumstances to you)

DD1 was just 2

On reflection dd1 settled much quicker and found the transition easier - but that might have been a personality thing

Dawnybabe · 02/08/2010 22:50

What squirrels said about the funded hours, it won't cost anything from three years.

I didn't take my dd1 to pre-school till after her third birthday as I wanted to enjoy the time at home with her. However it is important to socialise young children as the earlier they learn social skills the more naturally it seems to come.

I'm sure MIL loves having your dd but you could always start dropping hints about 'she'll have a bit of time off when dd starts nursery'.

plonker · 02/08/2010 22:59

My dd3 is 3yrs 1mnth and hasn't started nursery yet ...she'll start in September when she's funded.

Money is a massive issue (as in we have none!) and we also have doting grandparents on hand to care for dd.
I also think I'm suffering from a little bit of PLB (precious last born) and I'm struggling to let go a little. Dd is reluctant to go too, which doesn't help.

I do think she needs more though, so will be letting the reigns loosen slightly and mop up my tears cheerily wave her off to make some lovely friends

Stinkyfeet · 02/08/2010 23:07

Ds1 started preschool when he was 3.5. He settled in very quickly, and took him a couple of months to establish proper friendships. He was also looked after by doting grandparents and gained a lot from these relationships.

He's now 7, is still friends with some of his preschool friends, and has many more besides.

Ds2 started preschool at 2.5, was there for 2 years and I don't think he particularly gained any more for being there an extra year.

So if everyone's happy with your current arrangement, don't feel pressured to change it - dd is forming a wonderful and lifelong relationship with her grandma!

purepurple · 03/08/2010 07:38

I didn't put either of mine in a nursery, because I didn't want to.
DS went to playgroup when he was 3, and DD went to playgroup at 2 1/2 and also a school nursery at 3. I ran the palaygroups, so they had no choice.
They are much older now, 21 and 13, and I don't think I made a bad decision.
DS started school at just 4 (July bday) and had no problems making friends or fitting in.
DD started school not knowing a single person in the school as we had moved a few weeks before she started school. She had no problems making friends either.
Both coped perfectly well with the transition in to school.
You do what is right for your family.

tegan · 03/08/2010 07:41

i never with dd1, did with dd2 but won't with ds1, just my preference

seeker · 03/08/2010 07:42

If she goes to toddler groups and things she'll be fine. Leave her with grandma!

Mine never went to nursery - one settled into school like a dream, one found it hard. It depends on the child, not the childcare, IMHO!

Helokitty · 03/08/2010 09:59

I'd look at putting her in a preschool in sept.

I work part time like you - my DD was looked after by my mum two days and a childminder one day a week. I found when DD was younger, she was happy in both settings, but around 3, she much preferred going to the childminder over her granny's house because the childminder's was more child orientated, she had friends there and so on....

However, I think a pre school could be a good compromise for you. These are free sessions from the term after your child turns 3, and your MIL could drop off and pick up for you.

Deaby · 05/08/2010 23:07

Thanks to all of you for your comments, Il be leaving it til she is 3! xx

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