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Kids Unlimited in Didsbury,Man. Is it good?

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labfroggie · 21/07/2010 15:00


My job is being relocated to Man Uni on a short notice (2 months!) and I'm moving my family to Didsbury. I need full time nursery for my DS (3 yr) and DD (9 mo). I'm looking for nurseries nearby and Kids Unlimited said they have places. Do any of you have comments on KU Didsbury? I've read other KU nurseries have problems with unhappy staff. Does the girls are the same or do they keep changing? Would you recommend another nursery in the area?
I'm very apprehensive about leaving my kids on a new nursery.

OP posts:
gwenner · 30/07/2010 22:24

Hi - I don't know much about Kids Unlimited, but would recommend
My ds (3) and dd(21 months) have each been there since they were 10 wks old.
Outstanding rated and they are just AMAZING.

It's such a huge decision to make, but the girls at Kids Allowed are amazing. They even turn up to ds' birthday parties with gifts & I view them as members of our extended family.

Don't work for them, just know what a huge decision it is to take. Mine have been f/time at KA with exception of one 2 wk period when I trialled another nursery owing to job change. It was rated "Satisfactory" - no idea WTF Ofsted think is satisfactory about my experience of their care but I left the job in order to keep my 2 where they were settled and loved rather than relocate them from KA.

Mrsmackie · 31/07/2010 13:48

I haven't personally used KU but have friends whose little ones go there (to the one in Didsbury) and they are really happy with it. One friend had previously had a child at Kids Allowed but said that she much preferred KU and that staff turnover was not as high as at Kids Allowed.

noteventhebestdrummer · 31/07/2010 20:35

Elm Cottage in Heaton Norris is wonderful. Staff stay for years and years and it is a great place.

It's not very far from Didsbury.

A long time ago I had experience of KU (not at Didsbury) and I was not happy with them.

Nicocacola · 02/08/2010 19:38

Another vote for Kids Allowed here!

dids35 · 12/10/2010 13:23

My little boy in the pre school room and he absolutely loves it. Great staff,very attentive.

norbett · 12/10/2010 16:29

I know a number of parents from the didsbury KU nursery and i also know some of the staff , every child i know has had an enjoyable experience and the staff are a hard working and dedicated team.

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