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Compulsory Days at Nursery

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lizzy31 · 20/07/2010 13:27

My son's nursery has previously offered the 3-4 year free sessions as a deduction against the sessions they attend.
As from September 2010 they are offering the free entitlement over 2 full days (9.30-3.45) every week, one day of which has to be a Friday. Can they do this?

He currently attends full days Tuesday & Wednesday when I work so I don't need the Friday. They seem to operating primarily as a business and ignoring parents needs. Any advice?

OP posts:
nurseryvoice · 20/07/2010 13:34

It is unfortunate that their needs dont tie in with yours, there must be some logistical reasons for the way they want to offer the free sessions. They are a business!
However I do think to work in true partnership with parents a consultation could have been done.
My setting is working with parents and this meets the needs of all concerned.
have youasked? They might let you if you say you dont need a Friday. You never know if you dont ask you wont find out. You might have to say you will have to look for alternative childcare.

Eglu · 20/07/2010 13:34

They are obviously quiet on a Friday and trying to fill it.

I think that a private nursery can do as they please though.

lizzy31 · 20/07/2010 14:16

Thanks for advice, The council say they can do it.

OP posts:
juneybean · 22/07/2010 21:29

Hmm that's interesting, as far as I am aware, the flexible free entitlement needs to be just that...flexible.

And must be spread over at LEAST three days.

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