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Nurseries in either brixton or Victoria/Pimlico area

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Stangirl · 11/07/2010 19:10

I will be going back to work in February when my DD is one year old. I live in Brixton but work in Victoria and have decided I could make either location work for nurseries. So far I have visited Just Learning (Horseferry Road, Victoria) and the LEYF on Marsham Street (Victoria) and Little Angels (Brixton). All 3 have seemed reasonable but I wonder if anyone has any experience of any of them they would share or know of any others in either of my ares that they would recommend.

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Spero · 11/07/2010 19:13

My daughter was at Little Angels for a year and she seemed to love it. Their garden is great, a real plus. They had French lessons and did regular trips out - London Transport museum etc. The staff seemed good, it was a bit disorganised but not anything that gave me concern.

A friend of mine was a bit horrified as it does look a bit 'tatty' and she wouldn't send her baby there, but mine was 3/4 yrs and it seemed perfect for her.

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