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I am new here

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HaloMother333 · 15/08/2022 01:16

Hey fellow mothers!!!

Omg, I'm so ashamed I hadn't heard of this page before now, as it is helping me a lot from what I've seen. I'm looking for friends.

Thanks!!! x

OP posts:
MissConductUS · 15/08/2022 01:19

Hi Halo, welcome to Mumsnet.

Where are you from?

HaloMother333 · 15/08/2022 08:57

I am from Britain!

What about you?

OP posts:
MissConductUS · 15/08/2022 09:26

I'm an oddity on MN. I'm from an area called The Hudson Highlands, which is a bit north of New York City.

I have two kids, a 20 year old daughter who is at university, and a 22 year old son who graduated in May and has moved back home. He has a job, which he starts next month.

I've been happily married for 25 years. I'm an RN, and my husband works in IT. I've never been to the UK, and he lived in London for a year before we met.

HaloMother333 · 15/08/2022 10:00

Nice to meet you!!

Your family sounds nice, and I'd love to visit the US one day. The UK is good.

OP posts:
MissConductUS · 15/08/2022 11:07

Nice to meet you too! 😁

If you want to make friends here, I have a thread to suggest. It's actually a series of related threads that I've had stewardship of for the last few years. It's like neighbors chatting over tea about what's going on in our lives and a bit calmer than most discussions here.

Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 23: Calmly through the day

anonbelle · 16/10/2022 03:03

Me too!! Newbie on the block💞

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