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My 3 year old sudden stuttering

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smakil · 25/07/2022 18:43

Our 3 year old has all of a sudden started stuttering, just cannot understand how this occurred. We as a family are really upset but we don't express that to him. it started off a month ago now, initially it was on and off, recently i'd say since past two weeks, he has been struggling to get words out majority of the time, he is struggling to say the words he was saying completely fine before. I have done reading online, and have seen advises where this is normal with age range 3-6 and it goes away really quick. We are devastated and helpless when our little one going through the struggle of getting a word out. We have contacted the health visitor late last week and waiting for a response. Any advice is hugely appreciated.

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leopardprintlindt · 25/07/2022 18:46

Does your health visiting service have a duty number you can call? They can do a referral to speech and language, or google speech and language in your area, pre covid they used to do drop in sessions, although these are greatly reduced now - but some areas are back to face to face I think. This can be normal 'phase' but I'd speak to the experts and who advise you best on how to handle it.

katmarie · 25/07/2022 18:50

My ds did this at 3, he would stutter or get stuck on the same sound of a word over and over. It was typically when his brain would move faster than his mouth could I think. The advice I had was not to bring attention to it, not to finish words or phrases for him, but give him full focus and attention, and be patient when he's trying to tell us something. I occasionally had to tell him to take a breath and start again if he got really stuck. He grew out of it in a month or two, and at 4.5, he almost never does it now.

Eixample · 25/07/2022 18:51

My son did this for two weeks at age 3, never happened again. You can really be optimistic that it’s likely a developmental stutter.

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