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Is he being weird or am I?

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MiniMumm01 · 16/01/2022 17:38

So I'm 31 and have a 6 year old son and there's been some slightly odd interactions with a male teacher at his school.

What got me thinking about it was the one from last week. My son is struggling a bit with mathematics so I had a meeting at the school to discuss what they could do and what I could do. I waited in reception for head of mathematics to call me to her office and the way the reception is set up there's a wooden door leading to the hallway but it's got a huge window so you can see the entire hall.

Anyway, I was reading the various posters whilst waiting and saw a figure out of the corner of my eye so I looked at it was the male teacher, he was just stood there looking at me so I looked at him. It's was like two dogs seeing eachother from a distance and sizing eachother up.

It made me remember some other awkward interactions.

After the first lockdown we had the choice to send our kids back or keep them at home, I sent my son in. Male teacher was on gate duty for those few weeks before summer break. One time he said goodbye (he was saying it to everyone as they left) but because I was trying to hear what my son was saying I didn't say it back like I normally would, when we got out of the gate and crossed the street I looked over and male teacher was looking at me.

For a few days after that whenever I'd drop my son off MT wouldn't look at me, but eventually went back to normal with the hi's and byes.

At the start of the summer term he was on door duty for one of the classes and because of year group bubbles my kids year got to go in second (we had a 10 minute window) everyday we'd walk up the path and MT would wonder slightly away from him door so that he was just about visible to where my son would go in which was around the corner from MT's door.

This term he's not on door duty but has wondered past my son's designated pick up point in the playground to enter the school building even though there are plenty of other doors to go in. He teaches the older years which is the other side of the school but he's always around the younger years section at pick up.

We live a two minute walk from the school (I can see it from my front window) and during the summer we were out in the front garden for a while after school drawing on the drive with chalks, I heard someone say "bye" so I turned around and saw a car slowly drive off, it took me a second to realise that it was MT, the car entry is further up the road so he had to slow down to an almost stop to do this.

Just before summer break after lockdown myself and a parent friend noticed a guy that would show up at start and finish times and just stand across the road, it happened enough that myself and the other parent spoke to MT about this guy possibly watching the kids. MT only spoke to the other parent (a dad) and didn't acknowledge me once but when myself and my friend went across the street to have our usual morning chat (the joys of furlough) he commented that MT was watching us.

The first time we ever interacted it was totally normal, parents evening (when they actually happened in person) he smiled and said hello, I did the same and he showed us where to go. But everything else apart from that has just been odd.

I don't get any weird/bad/creepy vibes from him just awkward ones, but I mentioned the interactions to a friend the other day and he's convinced it's just me that's being weird but the I swear the interactions are really odd/awkward.

Is he the one being weird or am I?

OP posts:
Isgooglebroken · 16/01/2022 18:31

I looked at him. It's was like two dogs seeing eachother from a distance and sizing eachother up

I think you do sound like you are being weird about it tbh.
He was probably just looking at you wondering why you were there, if you were someone he was expecting or even thinking about what he was having for tea!

He’s had a busy day teaching, his mind will be on all sorts of other stuff.

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