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Am I the only one?

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Emmylouisa · 28/10/2021 10:14

There's a guy that lives in this house. He never goes out socially or recreationally. He sleeps alone, eats alone, works from home, watches TV alone. Rotates and wears the same 3 outfits, doesn't get his hair cut unless I remind him. Makes racist remarks daily. I have known him for over 20 years but don't know who he is anymore. Am I the only one in this situation?

OP posts:
EdmontinaTiresofNameFlipping · 28/10/2021 10:31

Welcome to MN.

As you’ve posted in ‘Newbies’ Corner’ I’m guessing you are actually new to this forum? Have you spent any time looking around and reading a few threads?

In general, if you want support or advice here, it’s helpful if you give some relevant, non-outing information about you. Eg approximate age, living situation, work situation, likely ability to change or distance yourself from a problematic environment, etc. (And perhaps your clothes size and budget if you want style and beauty advice!)

In your post you have given no information at all about who you are or what you want - so it would be difficult for anyone to respond constructively, or to suggest the best place for you to post this thread.

FlissMumsnet · 12/01/2022 20:30

Hi Emmylouisa - we think your post will resonate with many people - would you like us to move your thread to Relationships where we think you'll find support and understanding.

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