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Intense, painful boredom when I'm not alone (when I'm with people) - Help.

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SoapOprah · 03/10/2021 15:37

I cannot find this problem anywhere online, and can't mention it to anyone, friends or family - you'll soon know why.

I know in the great scheme of things it's just a tiny thing, but when it's happening it's killing me.

I wonder if anyone else experiences this: I get intolerably bored whenever I'm in company.
I know some people get bored at parties, but with me it's intense pain!

Luckily, I don't or only very rarely get this feeling with my husband, daughter, mother, siblings and some of my friends, or when it's for a limited moment, or with strangers who I instantly like or seem interesting, etc, so there are many exceptions.

But if it falls in the boring category - typically it would be being in a group (rather than 1 to 1), and lasting longer than 1 to 2 hours, then it's almost impossible to bear.

If it's a party at my home it's better; and also I can then once in a while escape for 2 minutes to my study room (such a flood of relief).
But 8 times out of 10, going out to a dinner party (and being expected to stay there till at least 10:30 or 11 pm) is torture.
(The 1st hour or so is fine, then I end up literally counting the minutes, or the seconds. I feel pain in my body too).

I sometimes get this too when I have to stay stuck at some event (eg: concert, lecture).

I'm often a little bit shy, but that's not it. It's really pure boredom, and also a overwhelming feeling of wasting my time, while there's always so very much to do (on my own) that I never get enough time to do.
(When alone at home I could never ever be bored).

Any tip?
BTW, when young I used to be able to daydream, did that a lot, but somehow I've lost the ability, really miss it; if only I could regain this! But how? And I was able to do it while talking with people at the same time...

Thanks for reading.

OP posts:
Lunificent · 03/10/2021 15:41

I get that sometimes. I can tell I’ve been bored as I have a headache from all the smiling I’ve had to do.

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