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laks2021 · 16/09/2021 11:18

Hi, currently on the look out for houses in Staplehurst area. Searched the forums about the area and got good info.

But i would like to get the opinion about the new builds there and the community.

How's the commute like to London and also the primary schools. Only one i could find is Staplehurst school.

And also how can I know that the new builds pricing are reasonable?

Currently renting in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Thank you.

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FuzzyPuffling · 16/09/2021 18:54

I used to live there (moved away a few years ago) and commuted into London daily. Trains were pretty reliable if expensive (£5k pa) and I could always get a seat in the morning on the 7.24am.

It's a decent community, but because many people commute, there's an "emptiness" about it during the day.

Facilities: it now has a Sainsburys, a nice pub (Kings Head) a decent library and a selection of rather odd shops - not always the ones you'd need. There is only one school (and no secondary school) and I think a fair few children go to Headcorn, but don't quote me.

The health centre gets bad press, but the parish church is lovely and has a good community round it.

Even at the time we left, housing and traffic were increasing substantially and when Operation Stack was underway it got very difficult to travel. It could take 1.5 hrs to drive to Maidstone. I know there are often traffic queues through the village now, along the A road.

It's not really a village - it's a small town, but without many of the facilities you might expect. Having said that, I was happy there and it suited me at the time.

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