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EADG · 11/03/2021 19:26

I just wanted to know if anyone else had noticed certain 'undertones' in the recent 'Parsley Box' adverts. There are many different versions(even of the particular one I am reffering to) - edited in subtle ways. The one I'm talking about is the woman preparing an evening meal with an on-line date. All appears everso innocent and rather 'cute' until you've seen the advert a few times. I am far from a prude and would never complain about this sort of thing - in fact I'm rather impressed it's got away with it!
Very early in the advert it makes it very clear that there are 'things' she doesn't do as much of, but would like to do more - some quick editing showing a cook book juxtapositioned with a handsome man on a dating site - THEN, telling the audience, in a naughty way, that there is always room for a 'sticky toffee pudding', full image on screen of said handsome man. Anyone reading this may well point a fingure at me and say something along the lines that I have a dirty mind etc..
Wether I have or not doesn't take away the blatant sexualisation of this ad.
I think it's great, if a little icky - sorry.

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