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Maternity leave

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emmieloupoo · 03/12/2020 04:45

Hi all , really new to this and never used this site. I had my baby 2 months ago and it's going fast! I've recently made a petition about having maternity leave extended by 3 months and the allowances for dental costs etc due to the pandemic , is there anyone else who is thinking the same. I think it's going to be harder going back to work after spending all this time in with a little one not being able to socialise, I think it will impact greatly on there social skills as they've not been able to mix, please let me know your thoughts x

OP posts:
Thedot90 · 03/12/2020 05:09

Who is paying for the extension? Unpaid leave from work?

Ginfilledcats · 03/12/2020 05:47

A petition has already done the rounds about this months ago. Got enough signatures so was discussed by parliament and was rejected.

I had my first dd in June so I get it, it's shit but I don't think 3m extended unpaid leave will change or make up for what we've missed out on. I'm looking at the positives as best I can, I've had so much one on one time, as has my husband because there's no where or no one for us to visit at the weekends so husband time isn't shared with all our friends and family, we've saved a fortune, I'm super in tune with baby's needs and feel she's definitely developing quicker because of all my stimulation. I'm fitter as I'm walking for miles every day for something to do.

Do we miss seeing friends and family? Of course, is technology the same for baby classes? Absolutely not! Is it better than the alternative- I think so.

Also many many people don't take their babies to classes or live no where near friends and family and their children grow up just fine.

Believe me, IVe been angry and miserable that my mat leave and baby's first year hasn't been what I imagined - but I can't waste time or energy being miserable about it. And I'm not sure what 3m extra will do other than make it even harder for me to leave her and go back to work!!

Baby groups are reopening - I have baby sensory restarting on Friday, swimming on Saturday, a music think on Monday. 2m is really little and I doubt I'd have been socialising much then anyway! I'd get signed up to a range of classes ASAP op!


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